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Wipro is based on a strong foundation of values that incorporate humane views on ‘Good Citizenship’. For us, good citizenship stands for:
Business with Integrity | Ecological Sustainability | Social and Community Initiatives

The initiatives we undertake as a responsible corporation cover Ecology, Education and Sustainability in environment. A humane approach has helped us connect
with the public and as we move forward with these initiatives, our partnerships grow with the sustainable communities at large.

Over the years we have realized and learnt that a corporation’s survival and progress is a function of three key vectors – the corporation itself, the society in which it operates and the environment that envelops all of these. By design, these are also the vectors that form the crux of our corporate philanthropy and the base of all our sustainability initiatives, both internal and external.’’

Anurag Behar
Anurag Behar, Chief Sustainability Officer, Wipro Limited

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“Look at solutions for water from all aspects like technical solutions, how the money was generated, how did it become participatory, how did the community come in, what is the policy in this space, what is the government doing to aid positive action, what other policies could be there, understand the regulations to try and look at it from a 360 degree perspective” - Shubha Ramachandran, Water and Sustainability Consultant
Make the most of this chance to become a catalyst in the rising awareness about water issues in your neighbourhoods, towns and cities. Step in as a citizen journalist and send us an in-depth coverage of an issue that exists or something you helped resolve.
Your entry could be one of the 10 winning teams at the Wipro earthian 2017.
Watch the full coverage below to get a complete download and how you can go about submitting your articles on ‘water’
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