Wipro Applying Thought in Schools

Started in early 2000s, as Wipro’s social initiative in education, we support educational organizations working towards systemic reform in school education in India. Our support takes the form of organization grants to existing organizations and individual fellowships to seed new organizations in education.

Organizational Grants

We support civil society organizations to build deeper capacities to work for education reform in a long-term sustained manner with Financial grants, Our community and Capacity building opportunities.
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Seeding Fellowships

Wipro’s Seeding Programme supports the creation and development of new educational organizations that can contribute meaningfully to Indian school education; by supporting committed and capable individuals and teams who share our vision of good quality education being available to every Indian child, through a 3 year Founders’ Fellowship.
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Our Community

Over the years, we have supported over 50 organizations to work in 19 states through over a 100 educational projects spanning early language learning, multilingual education, mathematics education, science education, ecology and sustainability education, social science education, social and emotional learning, authentic assessment, publication of educational material and public advocacy on the idea of good education.
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