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ezvidyaEZ Vidya, now Chrysalis, is an organization focusing on research and innovation in education and delivering quality and holistic education in Indian Schools. EZ Vidya partners with over 700 schools across India in creating classroom environments that enable learning through the use of their curriculum, Chrysalis. EZ Vidya also partners with several NGOs and corporate bodies in enabling their socio-educational initiatives including large scale transformation initiatives in the government school space.

Our work and partnership

EZ Vidya and Wipro have been associated for over a decade. Our earleir associations have been on teacher empowerment and whole school transformation programs. Our most recent association has been in the field of assessments.

In working with schools, one of the significant roadblocks to transforming learning has been the system and methods of student assessment. With undue emphasis on student assessments, schools and teachers start ‘teaching to the test’. Therefore, transforming the way we assess is key to transforming the way students learn. It is now well known that ‘teaching’ and ‘assessing’ are not two separate processes but viewed perhaps as tightly knit and as the proverbial ‘two sides of the same coin’. EZ Vidya finds the pressing need to develop a framework for Authentic Assessment, in the context of Chrysalis schools, in order to transform learning and sustain this transformation.

This aspiration is also in line with policy level changes that are being brought about in the educational scenario in India. One of the key changes, in this context, is the introduction of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) in close to 15,000 schools affiliated to it. The overarching objective of this latest partnership, is to develop a framework (pedagogic tools, methods) to enable Authentic Assessment (CCE) in schools in the context of Chrysalis.

Current Status

Before developing a framework for Authentic Assessment, EZVidya, undertook a research a study to understand teachers’ understanding of assessment, CCE, formative and summative assessment etc., along with understanding teachers’ perceptions of the purpose for assessment, the challenges they face in implementing it and also to understand practices being followed in schools with regards to assessments.

A White Paper articulating Authentic Assessment, as envisioned by EZ Vidya has been brought out. Apart from gleaning ideas arising out of working with schools, this White Paper is also a culmination of secondary research on the topic of student assessment. EZVidya’s CCE survey report has also been completed. Findings reinforce the general understanding of CCE experience. A couple of sharing workshops have also been conducted with various groups comprising of teachers and other organizations working on assessments in schools for feedback and review. The framework/toolkit needs to be developed based on the results of the survey and action research that EZVidya has been doing in 4 schools that have been using the Chrysalis curriculum.