13th Partners’ Forum on Assessment & Education

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Assessment has been imagined to serve a variety of purposes – to help the teacher understand what her students have learned, an indicator of the student’s merit or worth, to determine a student’s entry to different streams of higher education, an indicator of a school’s quality, as an instrument of change in education reform to bring about real shift from rote-memorization to conceptual understanding, a tool to assess the health of the education system as a whole and inform policy. Depending on where you see it from, assessment can be the panacea or the root cause for all the ills in the education system.

While significant reforms are being rolled out in classroom assessment and examinations such as Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) and no-detention policies, large scale assessments like ASER, QES or PISA have tried to assess the systemic health of Indian education as a whole from multiple perspectives. While providing some insights into various learning outcomes, such assessments also raise questions about how to interpret these results and what use should such results be put to.

The 3-day forum looked at the assessment landscape in education, along the following strands:

  • What can we learn from school-level experiences in assessment?
  • What’s the role of large-scale assessments in improving school education?
  • What are the conceptual and philosophical issues in assessment and how can these inform us?
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