14th Partners’ Forum on Textbooks & Education

By editor 3 years ago
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Over the last few centuries, textbooks have played a key role in the education systems of most nations. In many countries, their dominance in the classrooms rose to such an extent that textbooks began to define the curriculum.In India, the near monopoly of the textbooks and the structures of pedagogical transaction it established, had many negative fall-outs, many of which continued after independence. These included the role of the teacher being relegated, loss of their autonomy in deciding or influencing curriculum, encouraging ineffective pedagogic practices and so on.

Many in the field of education, have redrawn our attention to the centrality that the learner and the learning process ought to have in any educational enterprise; and how textbooks are but a tool to meet the larger educational objectives. They have not just recognized and underscored the negative effects of the monopoly of prescribed textbooks, but have also come up with varied responses to the challenges it presented.

This is the context in which the three-day forum explored the textbook ecosystem and the various efforts in textbook reforms, as well as some efforts which go beyond prescribed textbooks and looking at the benefits and challenges of using other resources for teaching-learning.

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