The focus for education in 2017

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pointofview9With ‘best of the year’ lists and projections of all kinds for the new year for various domains all abound, end of a year and beginning of another often triggers reflections on the course that various spheres of life are taking…

If the question of school education interests you, an article, which appeared in livemint, may be worth reading. Anurag Behar, who leads Wipro’s sustainability initiatives and is CEO, Azim Premji Foundation, writes about matters he considers important to focus on in school education. There are nuggets on a host of issues such as aims of education, the nature of education, the place of public and private schools,  teacher education and the role of technology in education, in this list of 25 matters.

Read: The focus for education in 2017. Do share what you think should be the focus for school education in India.


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