15th Partners’ Forum on Improving Public Education & the Role of Civil Society

By editor 2 years ago
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Improving school education is a complex enterprise. A key reason for this is because various actors and aspects need to act in concerted manner to bring about this improvement and it simply takes time! While one can see individual teachers and schools or other actors changing in shorter periods of a few months or a few years, it takes decades for systemic changes to manifest… Another aspect that makes it challenging is there is no formula for change. Particularly in the Indian context, with its large scale and diversities of social contexts, geography, languages, cultures and institutions, implementing even known solutions is a challenge. Needless to say, while you work towards these goals, society and education system doesn’t remain static; the regional and global sociopolitical developments continuously influence the educational focus and priorities in schools, the education system and the community/social context in which you engage.

In this kind of a scenario, as individuals and organizations engaged in this enterprise, how can we effectively pursue our goal of improving school education for a better society? How can we know if we are being effective in our work? Critically examining our work and our roles and reflecting and learning from our collectives experiences of the past and the present seem essential to keep aligning our work more closely with our goals.

The 15th forum was one such exercise of reflection and conversations on the role of civil society in improving public education. We examined our understanding of systemic reform and the idea of effectiveness, looked at different ways in which initiatives in the past have tried to address this, how different organization¬†addressing this today and what roles do civil society organizations play and could play in this process through the discussions and deliberations over 3 days…

Download the Forum Proceedings
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