“The Wonder of Books” from Vikramshila

By editor 3 years ago
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wonderofbooksVikramshila brought out this wonderful publication called “The Wonder of Books” in 2015. It is based on their extensive work in education over the years, particularly their library and reading programs.
What is really good about this document is that it is so very practical and directly usable by a practitioner. A print-rich classroom environment, good quality children’s literature, the day-to-day activities of engaging with speaking, listening, reading and writing, and events and activities such as Speaking Festivals and creating “Big Books” have all been woven together into a well-structured approach to developing and strengthening literacy in children. All this is based on the experiences of the teachers, volunteers and children at the Nabadisha Centres run by Vikramshila in Kolkata.
This would be a very valuable resource for all those who are working in education, especially those engaged in primary education and developing language and literacy in schools and classrooms. This is also a good example of the kind of documentation that we can all try to produce from our work so that it becomes accessible and usable for others.
Disclaimer: Just to avoid any mistaken associations being formed by readers, this publication or the work its based on was not supported by Wipro. This, and many other such useful resources and information, is being shared in the larger interest.
Download, use and share widely: Wonder of Books