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By editor 3 years ago
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Point of ViewInclude a brief description of the article to be linked. This could set the context about the author, the issue the author is writing about and the the article itself, if any. For instance, for the Anurag article, it could talk about who Anurag is, what is the issue he is writing about (if its the cheat sheet article, we could say it talks about the essentials that we need to focus on in school education. if its say, an article on teacher education, we could say, something like.. while many factors together make quality education possible, the teacher has a somewhat central role to play etc.). Then we can give a brief context to the article.. For the cheat sheet article, it could say something like.. As a new year begins, Anurag shares his thoughts on the essentials in education.. (in this case, the issue he is writing about and the context of the article might merge, because its an overall take on education).

In addition, we could also include a line or two about the article Рeither a summary, if there are a few key points the article is talking about. Or something that talks about the kind of things that the article talks about. For instance, for the cheat sheet article, we could say that the article talks about the aims of education and what are the key aspects to focus on if we are to achieve those aims through education. Or some such thing. Then we give a link to the article.

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