We support civil society organizations to build deeper capacities to work for school education reform in a long-term and sustained manner.


Financial grants

Our financial support is aimed at enabling organizations to work in a focused manner to improve quality of education in schools in geographies and educational domains of their choice. The grants could be for developing a core team in education and helping them gain experience to work with children, teachers, schools and the education system, developing effective solutions to educational problems in their area of work.

Our partner network

Our network is an active and engaged community of organizations and individuals with experience and expertise in a wide range of educational areas, working in diverse geographies and contexts. This network is a platform for our partners to stay connected, share and learn from each other’s experiences and collaborate.

Capacity building opportunities

To support our partners need for continuous learning and capacity building, we try to actively facilitate formal and informal opportunities such as short courses, workshops, learning gatherings etc. on educational and organizational topics and aspects. These opportunities are open to all partners, irrespective of the financial support.


To encourage more organizations to work in the field of education, in addition to organizations already working in school education, our grants are open to Community Organizations and Organizations in other domains with demonstrated track record and an interest to working in school education.

School education organizations

For organizations currently working in school education, our grants are aimed at deepening existing capacities or building new capacities of the organization to take its work in education further. This could mean any of the following:

  • Building capabilities in specific areas of focus within education, through on-the-ground work and specific capacity building opportunities 
  • Consolidating the work so far into approaches and models of engagement that are extendable, scalable and sharable 
  • Building capacities to become a resource organization for other organizations in their area of expertise within education

Community organizations

For established organizations, with a strong community presence, working on one or more aspects of community development and empowerment, that have a desire to work in school education, specifically to improve the public education system, we provide small grants to do the following: 

  • Build an education core team of 2-4 people 
  • Build their capacity to work in school education through on-the-ground work and specific capacity building opportunities

Other Organizations

For other organizations we provide grants to enable them to bring their organizational strengths, capability for social action and/or domain expertise into the area of school education. The grants would be to do the following: 

  • Build a core team to work in the area of school education. An ideal team would have a combination of people with understanding/experience in education and experts from within the organization 
  • Develop understanding and experience of working in school education. This experience can help the organization understand the challenges in school education and devise appropriate strategies for deeper engagement to improve school education


The size of the annual grant can range from 7.5L to 15L and the duration of support can be up to 3 years, with possibilities of further renewal based on a review process.


Please email us at with the following details about your organization and work.

Section A: A brief organization profile

  1. areas or domains of focus
  2. geographic area of operations
  3. year of establishment and type of registration
  4. profile of founders / chief functionaries / leadership team
  5. organization structure (teams and functions)
  6. governance mechanisms (advisory board, governing council etc.)
  7. financial overview (annual budget, past and current funders, corpus or other assets)

Section B: Past and current work

Include aspects such as the organization’s objectives, the specific issues or problems (within or outside education) that the organization is trying to address, the region and community where the organization is working and their social context and the strategy/approach the organization is adopting. Provide case studies or examples from the organization’s context and work.

Section C: Proposed work

The educational aspect or problem the organization intends to address, the importance of the problem or aspect, its causes/consequences, the proposed approach and plan to address it.

Section D: On education

This section is for Community Based Organizations and Organizations working in domains other than education. It could cover the organization’s view of the purpose of education, reasons and motivations for the organization’s interest to work in school education and strengths which can help the organization contribute to education.

Review of applications and decision involves multiple stages. Our team will get in touch with the organization for email/telephonic discussions as well as field visits, as required. The final decision on the grant will be taken by a review committee.


Applications may be sent to at any time of the year. They will be reviewed in batches. Depending on the number of applications under review, the decision cycle may take between 3 to 5 months.