One of our key goals, when we started, was to build a network of organizations working in education in the country. Today, our partner network, has grown from 4-5 organizations in early 2000s to a large diverse family of over 50 organizations. Spread across the country, the network includes both established and mature organizations with deep expertise as well as mid and early stage organizations who are gaining experience and building their capabilities for long term and sustained work in education.

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The collective educational experience and expertise in the network spans decades, extends to all levels of the education system from classrooms to national policy and covers a wide range of domains within education such as curriculum development, pedagogy, assessment and teacher education in language learning, multilingual education, mathematics, science and social science education, social and emotional learning, children’s literature, educational publications and research.

One of the key outcomes of our work, the network is an active learning community which engages with each other through annual retreats, online forums, small gatherings and workshops and collaborates on specific areas as and when there are opportunities or needs.

Shaheed Virender Smarak Samiti

Shaheed Virender Smarak Samiti

Shaheed Virender Smarak Samiti (SVSS), based in Samalkha, Haryana is an organization registered in 1994. Primary education and women empowerment are two main pillars of their agenda for social change. As part of Bharat Gyan Vigyan Samiti's (BGVS) initiative of ... Continue reading

Innovation and Science Promotion Foundation

Innovation and Science Promotion Foundation (ISPF) based in Bangalore is a non-profit trust focused on fostering innovation and scientific temper, especially amongst children. ISPF’s focus is on creating experience-based learning opportunities where science can be learnt through hands-on and interactive ... Continue reading

Organization for Early Literacy Promotion

Organization for Early Literacy Promotion (OELP), established in 2008, is a non-profit civil society organization which works in the area of early literacy learning. OELP works towards building strong foundations for meaningful reading, writing and thoughtful learning in young children ... Continue reading
Vidya Mytri Trust

Vidya Mytri Trust

Vidya Mytri Trust (VMT) founded in October 2015 and operating in Koppal, Karnataka, aims to work towards education of children from vulnerable communities in a conducive environment so that they become agents of social change in their community and society ... Continue reading
The Tiny Seed

The Tiny Seed

The Tiny Seed (TTS) is a nonprofit organization that works to enhance the standards in facilities and tools available for quality education in schools in Kerala. TTS endeavors to address key infrastructural, societal and environmental needs of students, teachers, schools ... Continue reading


Muskaan has been working since 1997 towards building access to education to children from marginalized communities in Bhopal. Their primary educational objectives are creating relevant, practical and meaningful learning spaces for first generation learners and providing platforms to discuss relevant ... Continue reading

Kokhrajar Language Support Program

Kokhrajar Language Support Program

Parismita Singh is a writer and artist, who has been working with Pratham and ASER Centre in the field of primary education. Parismita has been working since 2008, with the support of Pratham, on a program to bring home language into the classroom in Kokrajhar and Chirang districts in Assam. The program which initially focused on 12 villages in Kokhrajar ... Continue reading

The Kabir Project

The Kabir Project brings together the experiences of a series of ongoing journeys in quest of this 15th century north Indian mystic poet as well as other Bhakti and Sufi poets in our contemporary worlds. Started in 2003, these journeys inquire into the spiritual and socio-political resonances of Kabir’s poetry through songs, images and conversations. The core inspiration of the ... Continue reading


SeasonWatch is an India-wide program that studies the changing seasons by monitoring the seasonal cycles of flowering, fruiting and leaf-flush of common trees. It is a 'citizen science' project, inviting volunteers, adults and children alike, from across the country to participate. Volunteers collect data by monitoring individual trees of common species specifically selected for the program. The species list contains ... Continue reading
Textbook Market Study

Textbook Market Study

Among the few projects Wipro Applying Thought in Schools has supported, one of them has been a study on a research study on the understudied area of markets around textbooks and the changing nature of teaching-learning materials in schools, both government and private. There are multiple actors and diverse inter-linkages that are known to exist in the textbook markets in ... Continue reading

The annual partners’ forum is a three day retreat of all partner organizations, nowadays held in April/May every year. It has evolved into a unique gathering of the educational community, where various topics of interest and perspectives are discussed and debated. These forums and discussions become a space for our partners and us to explore, reflect and deepen our collective understanding on issues of relevance to education and society.


15th Partners’ Forum on Improving Public Education & the Role of Civil Society

Improving school education is a complex enterprise. A key reason for this is because various actors and aspects need to act in concerted manner to bring about this improvement and it simply takes time! While one can see individual teachers ... Continue reading

14th Partners’ Forum on Textbooks & Education

Over the last few centuries, textbooks have played a key role in the education systems of most nations. In many countries, their dominance in the classrooms rose to such an extent that textbooks began to define the curriculum.In India, the ... Continue reading

13th Partners’ Forum on Assessment & Education

Assessment has been imagined to serve a variety of purposes – to help the teacher understand what her students have learned, an indicator of the student’s merit or worth, to determine a student’s entry to different streams of higher education, ... Continue reading

11th Partners’ Forum on History & Education

In schools, history is seen as knowing and remembering a series of facts and events which need to be memorized. These facts tell us “a story” about ourselves and help children “know” our unitary, collective past. That is all History ... Continue reading

10th Partners’ Forum on Ecology & Education

Ecological sustainability brings out certain fundamental conflicts inherent in the way we see the world and lead our lives. There are conflicts between attaining social equity and economic development models in use. There is conflict between our lifestyle or quality ... Continue reading

Worlds of Fear: School Cultures

Worlds of Fear: School Cultures

Fear permeates so many aspects of human social life: politics, religion, the workplace, the family and education itself. As educators, teachers at Centre for Learning (CFL), felt that there is an urgent need to understand this basic force and the ...
Continue reading
Sharing Workshop on Multilingual Education

Sharing Workshop on Multilingual Education

Universalization of elementary education has brought marginalized communities far away from mainstream education into the folds of the schools. More and more children from different linguistic backgrounds are entering the school spaces. The regional language, or the textbook language are ...
Continue reading