Supporting the developmental needs of communities


Our approach to social responsibility of business is not driven by ‘check book philanthropy’ but by direct engagement. A clear reflection of this is the fact within our organizational structure; we have created distinct groups to focus on the chosen areas of engagement.

Wipro Cares – a not-for-profit trust is an earnest initiative by Wiproites to make compelling and channelized contributions in
the areas of education, community service projects and social development, continually.

By acquiring 18 new projects and 15 new partners across different domains of work (education, environment, primary healthcare and disaster rehabilitation) the year 2014-15 has proved to be a significant time period for Wipro Cares. All this was possible because of the active participation and engagement that we received from Wiproites.


We believe that education is the key which can open doors to self-help and change. Bearing this in mind, Wipro Cares focuses on
meeting the educational needs of the urban poor along with other initiatives.

The educational needs of children that belong to this group are often neglected due to various reasons. Wipro Cares aims at
helping these children by offering them opportunities for holistic educational and social development by running bridge schools,
non-formal schools and giving them vocational training.

Our work touches the lives of more than 50,000 children across Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai.
During the year 2014-15 six new projects have been undertaken by Wipro Cares.

Education is a key area within Wipro’s Good Citizenship Charter, and disability is a cause that Wipro has been committed to for several years.
Our major new initiative has been on education for children with disability. We support a school for hearing impaired children and encourage girl child education. We also help train teachers to engage with these children, with empathy.


We believe that Health is a basic enabler. Most of our factories are in underdeveloped rural areas where access to healthcare is remote.

Wipro Cares supports partners in delivering preventive and curative healthcare services to the unprivileged communities across 75 villages in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Uttarakhand. Through our healthcare projects more than 75,000 people get access to affordable and good quality primary healthcare.

We aim to provide sustainable healthcare, and be the catalyst in the overall development of the community.

Our strategy, therefore, is to do holistic work in healthcare for the communities around our factories. The services we provide include primary healthcare, nutritional guidance, personal hygiene, community hygiene, and counseling. We work with NGOs who work with the community to mobilize them, build awareness about various aspects of well-being and provide primary healthcare.


The Santoor Scholarship program is an initiative of Wipro Consumer Care and Wipro Cares. It intends to financially support girls from disadvantaged backgrounds, who wish to pursue higher education after grade 12. The program is being launched in 2016-17 and will offer 900 scholarships across the states of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. It is a recurring annual program and selected girls will be supported for the duration of their higher education. The support covers tuition fees and incidental expenses.

Besides students inclined towards professional courses, those who intend to pursue higher education in the field of humanities, liberal arts and sciences are strongly encouraged to apply. Preference will be given to students from backward districts.

Scholarship Details: Click here


The state of environment and ecology is of concern to Wipro. We have to work with the community to create and maintain a sustainable environment in the community around us. Wipro has been working in different areas that contribute to environmental sustainability.

Our long running program in social forestry in Tamil Nadu has helped us create a strong livelihood program for nearly 80 farmers through plantation of more than one lakh trees. We also initiated a project on urban waste in Bangalore to enable better health and safety conditions for workers through the use of quality equipments and a health insurance program.



Whenever there is a disaster, one feels a sense of urgency to help the affected people and provide relief. Unfortunately most of this
support is directed towards or restricted to relief. Once the relief phase is over, the affected people need sustained support to
rebuild their lives.

Our program focuses on long-term rehabilitation of affected communities after a natural disaster. At Wipro,
we believe that the affected people have the best knowledge of what they need to become independent. We first engage
with them to understand their needs and then provide support.

Over the last 14 years, we have helped the flood, tsunami and earthquake victims rebuild their lives. Along with our
existing project in Vanavil, we have undertaken two other projects in this area: Uttarakhand flood disaster in 2013
and Odisha which was hit by cyclone.



Wipro Cares has initiated Learning Enhancement Programs at schools catering to children from the underprivileged section of the society. The main objectives of these programs are to improve the standards of learning, building confidence, igniting curiosity and improving the ability to communicate in English. We work through a dedicated set of volunteers.



Persons with disability form the world’s largest minority yet they tend to be invisible in our society. Unfortunately, poverty tends to be both a cause and an effect of disability in the developing world. Poor awareness and lack of access to healthcare and education are responsible for increasing the number of underprivileged persons with disability every year.

In 2014, we started a significant new initiative for ‘Children with Disability’. This program is, at a conceptual level, an extension of our long running and successful program for including ‘Persons with Disability’ within Wipro.

We work with NGOs to support the educational and rehabilitative needs of underprivileged children with disabilities. Our focus is on early intervention and inclusive education: the first factor ensures that children with disability are able to combat their problems as early in life as possible – which is a key factor for mitigating the challenges of disability; the second element is central to the principle that children with and without disability benefit from growing together in a school environment that empowers them in every sense.