Sustainable Education & Education Initiatives
Education Initiatives, Education Reforms, Sustainable Education

Wipro’s initiatives in sustainable education are more than a decade old and the approach is multi-stakeholder focused and long-term. The initiatives address diverse stakeholders ranging from colleges from which Wipro recruits a large pool of its human resources to the larger society.

It includes local educational institutions, engineering colleges, universities, educational and other civil society organizations, schools, teachers, students and parents.

Over time these have achieved significant scale in terms of 1000s of schools and colleges and more than a million students impacted directly or indirectly. It has also built partnership networks and thus created value through capacity building. Such value though needs to be seen at different levels:

  • The direct value received by someone receiving school education,
  • The indirect value in the long-term to society through the capacities that are created, and
  • The indirect business value to Wipro in working towards a more democratic and humane society.

Towards the larger objectives as described, each of the initiatives below has followed strategies appropriate to their own context – the context determines the strategy.

  • Wipro Applying Thoughts in Schools focuses on long-term societal development through school education reform and so has supported civil society capability development, published quality educational support material and influenced ideas in education through public advocacy.
  • Mission10X focuses on making the engineering education system responsive to evolving needs and so has supported faculty development in colleges to increase learning with understanding and employability of graduates.
  • Wipro Science Fellowships program has been launched in March 2013. It is focused on contributing to improving Science and Math education in schools primarily serving disadvantaged communities in US cities. The program is currently launched in Chicago, in New Jersey, New York and in Boston. The US (Federal Government, various academic bodies etc.) has identified improving Science and Math education in schools as a key priority – we decided to pick up this priority.

    We are partnering University of Massachusetts, Boston and Michigan State University. Mercy College in New York is also involved with the program.

    The program works in close collaboration with over 20 school districts to choose over 250-350 teachers, who go through a 2-3 year fellowship, with intense support to develop their capacities to be better teachers and change leaders. The district administrators are a part of the program.

    We intend to expand these programs to other cities over the next 2 years. This program is a commitment to improving science and math in school education, one of the largest such commitments made by a non US company.