Mission10X - Employability Skills & Educate and Empower Faculty

Employability Skills & Educate and Empower Faculty - Wipro

Mission10X is a not-for-profit trust of Wipro, launched on September 5, 2007, with an aim to enhance the employability skills of engineering graduates in India. It aims to achieve this by collaborating with academicians & leading educational institutions across the country. The Mission10X Learning Approach empowers engineering faculty with innovative teaching techniques using which they can help learners in imbibing higher level of understanding of subjects, application of concepts learned and development of key behavioral skills.

The 3 pillars of Mission10X are:

  • Empowering Faculty - Developing transformative Academic Empowering Faculty members to use Mission10X Learning Approach (MxLA) Mission10X has reached out to over 1,200 engineering colleges across 25 States in India and has empowered over 23,000 engineering faculty members.
  • Developing Transformative leaders - Leaders to build institutions of excellence
  • Leveraging Technology - Deploying Unified Technology Learning Platforms (UTLPs) to bridge the gap between industry and academia