Meaning of Sustainability

Wipro is based on a strong foundation of values that incorporate humane views on 'Good Citizenship'. For us, good citizenship stands for:

  • Business with integrity
  • Ecological sustainability
  • Social and community initiatives

The initiatives we undertake as a responsible corporation cover Ecology, Education and Sustainability in environment. A humane approach has helped us connect with the public and as we move forward with these initiatives, our partnerships grow with the communities at large.

Learn What Is Sustainabile Development And Sustainable Environment

Sustainable Community

Any society is only as good as its environment. Wipro embraces this fact with a sense of pride as it works towards bringing about a change. A change, not through rules and division, but by connecting with the people that form the core of this society.

It is through this personal interaction and genuine concern for the wellbeing of every individual of society that Wipro inspires sustainable community building.

Sustainable Education

At Wipro it is our belief that with the right kind of education holds the key to a healthier and better society.

And it is with this conviction that we develop programs that will address economic, social and environmental challenges to inspire people towards a Sustainable and rich future.

Sustainable Ecology

At the very core of life is the environment that creates and nurtures it. The bond of co-existence is so strong that it would be impossible to separate the two and continue to survive. We at Wipro are one of the strongest believers and advocates of preservation and conservation.

The Earthian Initiative is a platform to spread awareness and inspire people to think of creative solutions to tackle serious issues such as climate change, water scarcity, loss of biodiversity, rapid urbanization and pollution to help preserve all forms of life for a sustainable future.